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Getting rid of thigh fat can be really tough. Try these inner thigh workouts from the comfort of you home and watch the fat be burned off.

Inner thigh fat can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Try these 7 easy-to-do home exercises and watch the fat fall off your thighs. If you couple these workouts with healthy eating, you are truly setting yourself up for success! - Life And Shape

30 day fitness challenges

OK…so we finished the March Abs & Glutes Challenge yesterday. Today we have a break before starting our April Thigh Challenge! Yes, we are gonna be tackling those jiggly thighs and saddle…

Tone up in no time with this GIF tutorial.

4 Simple Exercises For Your Sexiest Thighs Ever - Amanda Butler of the Fhitting Room demonstrates four incredibly effective thigh exercises. Do these two times a week for killer stems.

One of the most popular and efficient ingredients in fighting cellulite is coffee. It is used in lots of lotions, shower gels and soaps especially designed for you to forget

Oh my god it's a cure for cellulite! I do coffee scrubs with coconut oil just for the fact it makes my skin feel awesome. Never knew it has cellulite curing properties.

thigh challenge !

Yesterday I started a new challenge. These seem to keep me motivated to get my butt into action and do some working out while I’m taking a cheeky little running hiatus while the temper…