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Russia's most famous goldsmith and jeweler was Peter Carl Faberge, who oversaw a large establishment. His chief silversmith, Julius Rappoport, fashioned this vase, decorated with coins featuring Russia�s emperors and empresses. The coat-of arms, the double-headed eagle, on the lip indicates that this cup was most likely a presentation piece from the court, perhaps to some visiting dignitary.

The Collection | Hillwood Estate, Museum and Garden

Imperial Russian silver egg ~  Moscow~ 1890-95

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$10 Liberty Gold Eagle (Extremely Fine) - Random Dates

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Hobo Nickels. The hobo nickel is a sculptural art form involving the creative modification of small-denomination coins, essentially resulting in miniature bas reliefs. The term hobo nickel is generic, as carvings have been made from many different denominations. Due to its low cost and portability, this medium was particularly popular among hobos, hence the name.

I carve Hobo Nickels for fun, here is15 of them.

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Gold Dragons: Game of Thrones - YES THEY DO EXIST!! --WINTER IS COMING--

Jouw eigen Gold Dragons | Winter Is Coming

Shire Post Mint is een bedrijf dat fictieve munten maakt voor Fantasy werelden zoals die van Game of Thrones. Een tijdje zijn zij nu al bezig met het

The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour 1 oz Silver Round - With Box & COA (.999 Pure)

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The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour 1 oz Silver Round - With Box & COA (.999 Pure)

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The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour 1 oz Silver Round - With Box & COA (.999 Pure)

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2010 Perth Australia Great Warrior Series Knight 1oz Silver Proof Coin

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Coin from the reign of Henry VIII during his marriage to Katherine of Aragon.

Crown coin from Henry VIII's reign of 1509-1533

A crown coin being from 1509 to 1533 during Henry VIII's marriage to Katherine of Aragon, hence the crowned 'K' opposite of the crowned 'H' for Henry.

Xbox One plated in 24k gold shows up at Harrods

You can now get a gold-plated Xbox One for the hefty price of USD $9,773.99. If that's too big a number for you, you can always convert it to the British pound