Tumblr omgthatartifact    Bird Kite    Maori, early 19th century    The British Museum

Bird Kite Maori, early century The British Museum “This is the oldest surviving example of a Maori bird kite. Traditionally, the Maori made and flew a variety of types of kite.

" A fascinating aspect of the charts is that they varied so much in form and interpretation that they were “readable” only by the specific navigators who constructed them. Evidently the knowledge contained in each was a closely guarded secret."

Mapping Ocean Swells with Marshall Islands Stick Charts Until World War II, Marshallese islanders mainly used stick charts to navigate canoes between the islands of Oceania.

The mattang stick chart, below, is a more typical fisherman's chart, used to teach navigation around a specific island. The palm fronds mark the swell pattern of the waves around the island in the center, with major swells marked by heavier fronds

Polynesian Stick Charts The “MATTANG” or “WAPPEPE” is a small, square shaped chart which shows wave patterns around a single island or atoll and was used for teaching purposes only.


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