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'Nobody claps anymore' by Alec Dawson. "In a short essay on his website, Dawson describes the series. ‘My photographic works are about internal emotional dramas which often reveal themselves in quiet solitary moments in people’s homes"

Alec Dawson is a Mexican-American photographic artist who has been photographing the art nude since Alec was born in Mexico City in 1975 and has live

Photographer Alec Dawson has created a photo project titled “Nobody Claps Anymore”, a series of portraits of people in their homes, lit and captured in a way that captures the experience of these emotional cancers.

this isn't happiness™ (Nobody claps anymore, Alec Dawson), Peteski

Dark and Haunting Portraits of People Struggling with 'Emotional Cancers'

Staring into space as they watch TV or water the garden, the real-life subjects of Alec Dawson hint at vast reserves of despair and missed opportunity