neil dawson ~ "horizons" at gibbs farm, auckland

Neil Dawson sculpture, North Auckland, New Zealand. How is this real?

'Balancing Act' by Daniel Clifford, Wanganui NZ

Daniel Clifford's work Balancing Act, made up of three giant Staedtler HB pencils, is a new sculpture embedded in the ground along the riverside drive in Wanganui. Location: North Island, New Zealand

The anatomy of a kiwi. Adorable visual pun.

kiwi kiwi - Is it a kiwi-fruit or kiwi bird? In NZ, kiwi is the bird, "kiwifruit" is what you eat. Kiwis (the people from NZ) love them both!

Swimmers pattern by Nadia Taylor

Nadia Taylor, poster commissioned by Rosenstiels Fine Art Illustration/ the swimming girl

“Tip Top Milkshake”, A Kiwiana art print by NZ Artist Matt Guild...memories of childhood

“Tip Top Milkshake”, A Kiwiana art print by NZ Artist Matt Guild

Tony Ogle - Hammock & Bach

Tony Ogle - Hammock & Bach New Zealand art. A bach (pronounced batch) is a little summer home for getting away from it all.

'Sylvia' by Margaret Petchell, NZ artist. Budgie with white head, print. 260NZD. (Nov 2013.)

"Sylvia" Budgie Art Print by Margaret Petchell NZ Art Prints, Art Framing Design Prints, Posters & NZ Design Gifts

Stingray Bay  by Guy Harkness

Stingray Bay by Guy Harkness