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An easy no sew teepee. A place for kids to have hours of fun!

Handmade no sew Tee Pee - I've wanted a teepee for about, oh, seven years now. did you know tipi, tepee + teepee are all acceptable? The things you learn w…

Tulle valance, screams little princess #girlyrooms #tulle #littleprincess #girlspaces

Easy to create tutu curtains are a simple yet perfect way to add a girly touch to a princess room. diy project decorating on a budget color themed bedrooms DIY Princess Room: 9 Tips for the Perfect Bedroom Makeover

Calm Bottles - they stop toddler tantrums dead!

Time Out Bottles, Calm Bottles, Tantrum Magic.whatever you want to call them. Calm Bottles - they stop toddler tantrums dead.

Homemade flubber for kids

Homemade Flubber Recipe and Borax Uses for Kids on Frugal Coupon Living. 15 of the most creative Borax Recipes and science experiments to create in the home. Hands-on science experiments for kids.

15 Ways To Hang Christmas Lights In A Bedroom.

Diy Home decor ideas on a budget. : 5 MORE New Uses for Old Things in Home Decor- twinkle lights around your bed!

Little Old Lady ...Cute, but it might offend my great-great grandmother in law. :)

Little Old Lady Halloween Costume - this is the most adorable/hilarious thing ever! I wouldn't really dress Holly like this, but I just think it's super funny!

baby footprint frame

Baby Footprint Frame - I've got to do this before his feet aren't baby feet any more - also good idea for valentine's day cards - both boys

yoda baby hat

Yoda Baby Hat by PinkToad on Etsy Star wars geek are you, hmm? Of the Jedi in your baby's future is the force, hmm? Like Yoda anyway babies look. With this hat.


Birth Announcement pillows by Uncommon Goods - or DIY using freezer paper stenciling