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Mexican feather grass, purple fountain grass, tufted oriental fountain grass, miscanthus and ‘Baby Bronze’ New Zealand flax. (Photo by Saxon Holt.)

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Whether you’re planning a new landscape or rejuvenating an established one, ornamental grasses can add surprising pizzazz. They are dynamic, versatile and carefree in ways that few other plants can match. Widely known as the stars of autumn with their showy, long-lasting plumes, they can provide almost year-round interest. These grasses not only bring structure to the landscape, but sound and movement as well ...


10 Bulletproof Plants

The gardening experts at HGTV Gardens share 10 beautiful and hardy blooming plants that will add color and life to your landscape.

The Moosey Native Garden - NZ natives, but they look a lot like the Aust ones... goes to show your garden can be soft and still native!

New Zealand Native Plants

After a serious flirtation with rhododendrons and camellias I am back on track. 2005 is going to be the Year of the New Zealand Native. No more pulling out Pittosporum seedlings or ignoring sale-price Hebes...

This path winds through coppery New Zealand hair sedge (Carex tenuiculmis ‘Cappuccino’) and ‘Georgia Blue’ veronica. Miscanthus sinensis fans out at right

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NZ plant pics - Chionochloa flavicans

Planting with New Zealand Natives - NZ Native Garden Plans and Design

New Zealand Native Plants for your garden design. Info and photos about some favourite NZ natives from my planting plans. Native garden planting design service. Garden plans using NZ native garden plants. Paul Ashford Landscape Planting Design, Dunedin.

Native Plantings. New Zealand Plants. NZLANDSCAPES.COM. Photo. Auckland Landscapers NZ.

Native Plantings. New Zealand Plants. NZLANDSCAPES.COM. Photo. Auckland Landscapers NZ.

NZ native plantings, Auckland landscape design New Zealand. Photo. Landscape designers website, Auckland New Zealand. NZLANDSCAPES design blog. EMAIL NZLANDSCAPES.COM

NZ flax

New Zealand Native Shrubs

There are New Zealand native shrubs throughout all my garden, but the Hen House Gardens has quite a collection of foliage evergreens. In the early days, when this garden was cleared, I tried to group the natives together in one area.