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The Indian Purple Frog This species of frog commonly found in India is much more bloated and round than its other frog counterparts. The Indian Purple Frog also has a small head and an unusual snout


A man holds a giant Chinese salamander. A giant Chinese salamander that predates Tyrannosaurus rex and the world's smallest frog are among a group of extremely rare amphibians identified by scientists as being in need of urgent help to survive.

Sleeping under the stars

stella nicolaisen h m home - These Stella Nicolaisen H&M Home staging campaigns bring bed and bath out of their element. With open natural sets as bedroom and bathroom back.

Treetop tent

The Waldseilgarten mountain resort offers a wide variety of extreme camping options, from experiencing an amazing sunset hanging from a cliff or tree top to relaxing in a hand built igloo.

Summer daze

I'm not a beer drinker, but this has to be my all time fav tv ad. I feel relaxed whenever I see it! And envious ;