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Lj Harris
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:: Paperweight   Dandelion ::

Nestled in the Margam Forest of South Wales, Hafod Grange has developed a process for embedding flowers and seedheads in polyester resin: a material that has the look of molten glass with none of i.

Ali Cavanaugh, watercolor on clay - modern fresco - portraits #watercolor jd

The childs hand against the watercolor face, The child standing in fron of multiple compsitions. I could say the photos make reference to human scale Ali Cavanaugh, watercolor on clay - modern fresco - portraits

THE best hair do EVER. KRAKEN!

Instead of hair - create hat like ship for Pirates under the Stars. that's a hairdo. Hair made to look like waves and a pirate ship on top of your head. Maybe could dye your hair blue and green and have part of it look like an octopus.

Stephanie Magsig

Citylights 91 -Oil on linen/panel, This urban landscape painting is a view of blurred city lights in Detroit, MI. Also known as Bokeh "the way a lens renders out-of-focus points of light"

Tattooed Arms By Guy le Tatooer

Guy le Tatooer, is one of our favorites artists/tattooists, he is French and lives Toulouse. Guy had a very interesting exhibit at Paris’ La Galerie Gimpel & Müller, he has been using silicone molds.