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Dead Velvet Cupcake: It's like red velvet, but dead.

For the dead Duncan? And for the Dead Macduffs family and Banquo. Lady Macbeth would fix these because it shows her evil side and her amazement for wanting Macbeth to be greater.

18 Delicious And Trendy Drip Wedding Cakes ❤ See more: http://www.weddingforward.com/drip-wedding-cakes/ #wedding #drip #cakes

Too much on top but it could work on the base to allow roof for cake topper. Figs, berries, macaroons and drip ganache all very elegant. The gold flakes help pull it together.

Prepare to be oddly satisfied by this cake piping video.

Prepare to be oddly satisfied by this cake piping video.

9 Yoga Inversions to Help You Nail a Handstand

A walk through simple yoga inversions to get used to bearing the weight of your body. Along the way, you will discover ways to balance and feel the strengthening benefits of inverting!

Intermediate pole tricks.  I'm impressed I can do most of these!  :D

Did you know that pole fitness is the latest new fitness workout? It's a fun way to workout and trains the entire body. Learn how to lose weight & feel sexy at the same time! My X-Pole is on its way-finally bought one for my dance room😻

Balloon theme baby shower

Get ready for an amazing DIY balloon theme baby shower loaded with ideas and vendors to help pull it off without a hitch.