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AS IF / AS THOUGH | Grammaring - A guide to English grammar

IF and WHEN When can replace if in zero conditionals: If you heat water to 100 degrees Celsius, it boils. When you heat water to 100 degrees Celsius, it boils. In the other types of conditionals, we cannot use when instead of if.

Free Grammar & Writing Worksheets (47 Pages!)

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Andrew Stanton has many ideas, and he shared his expertise in his TED Talk, The clues to a great story. Below, see his golden rules of storytelling visualized by Karin Hueck and Rafael Quick of the Brazilian culture and science magazine Superinteressante.

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✒══Logophile I love word definitions and the "history" of words, meaning the roots of where the word came from, like ancient Greek or Latin (etc. I love grammar. A really, really good English teacher made the subject fun.