Dreams of the Orient: Resene Pukeko, Resene Smitten, Resene Seeker, Resene Flashback, Resene Centre Stage. From habitat magazine, Winter 2014

There are coloured ceilings and then there's this! Designer Terry Hogg of Lick Light+Colour created this daring combo for his client using Resene Decadence o.

Young Esther’s bedroom is bold in purple Resene Sassy. The chest of drawers was upcycled with diamond shaped handles and a lick of Resene Pink Terrace.

Homeowner Annick did all the painting herself in this character-filled home. Here she mixed a moody feature wall in Resene Fuscous Grey (bottom) and Resene Q.

Striped wall from top, Resene Covert, Resene I Do, Resene Bona Fide, Resene Kookaburra and Resene Poet.

Whichever way, stripes are covering our interior surfaces in all sorts of creative ways. There are the reg.

Resene Sugar And Spice girls bedroom.

Girl bedroom in Resene Sugar N Spice - feature wall in resene metallic sugar and spice

Resene Wicked kitchen counter.

An old matchstick blind is upcycled as a bedhead, painted in Resene Smitten and set against a wall of sump.

Citta Design : : Winter 2015 collection : : Decor Decor. Inspired by Pablo Picasso.

Inspired by Pablo Picasso.

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