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All about... Severus Snape

Finally Pottermore paid Professor Snape a tribute and posted a fact file about him. Though I really hoped they would reveal his wand wood and core.>> sure his wood is ebony, but Im not entirely sure about the core. My guess is dragon heartstring

Found most of this out yesterday on QuizUp... So weird that I would come across it today O.o

In 2006 when a new species of dinosaur was discovered, it was named "Dracorex Hogwartsia" (Dragon King of Hogwarts). It was named as a tribute to dragons and the world of Harry Potter.

harry potter facts

331 Tom Marvolo Riddle Is Also an Anagram for Immortal Odd Lover Bpotterfacts 330 J K Rowling Was Asked to Write a Christmas Special for Doctor Who but She Declined Bpotterfacts 329 Molly Weasley's Brothers Gideon and Fabian Were Killed by Death Eaters in

I always just thought that Harry didn't technically "see" his parents die, and that's why he didn't see the thestrals. Not that the death never sunk in.

I was disappointed about the portraits thing. I guess they are remnents of the past left behind to educate and better the future of tomorrow. Also, I'm glad the hp fact one cleared it up for me on that part!

Interesting Nerdy Fact---this would explain Maddie. She only read it this year. She said she didn't like it. Unbelievable.

"Nerdy fact: An American study suggests that fans of the 'Harry Potter' book and film series tend to be more politically tolerant, politically active, open to diversity, less authoritarian, and less likely to support the use of deadly force or torture.

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