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Basket weaving DIY easy guide! An idea for Fridays Class??? @Laura Jayson Hunter ?? LOL...
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Maori Basket Weaving Handmade Flax Laundry Basket …while in Rome…!!!! While on our annual vacation to New Zealand (my husband is a Kiw...

Greater than the sum of its parts

Combining text and form in contemporary handmade books and artists’ books.

Awesome flax fantail and it's simple!

Weaving a flax fantail

woven flax fantail
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Weaving a flax fantail

If the heart of harakeke was removed, where will the bellbird sing?   If I was asked, what was the most important thing in the world;   I would be compelled to reply, It is people, it is people, it is people!

Pa Harakeke

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FLAXWEAVING This unique form of the weaving craft was invented by Maori specifically for native flax (harakeke) and is a good representative of one of the most fundamental creative acts by human beings, taking raw materials from nature and processing them into useful articles of beauty. It requires no machinery, only a blade of some type and a good pair of hands. Maori mainly used the edge of a mussel shell, I find it easier to use an old table knife with bone handle and shortened blade…

How To Make A Flax Flower – A Step By Step Guide
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How To Make A Flax Flower – A Step By Step Guide

Learn how to make a flax flower or harakeke flower by following the weaving process with this easy step by step photo guide. Long gone are the days when New

How to Make a Cardboard Loom | The Weaving Loom

How to Make a Cardboard Loom | The Weaving Loom

For those that want to try weaving, but don’t want to spend money on a loom before they know if they’ll like it, this is your post. And this post can also be used for those that want to make a temporary large loom or just have a second loom. Making a loom out of cardboard is pretty simple! And I’m going to also show you how to make it a step fancier, because we’re friends like that. Here we go… step 1| get yourself a piece of cardboard, any size that you want. Mine is about 8 inches by 11…