Moller Barnekow is a take on an elegant sandwich wrap. It aims to catch customers attention by making its packaging stands out with a simplistic modern art look yet retaining a more recognisable form of the sandwich within.

Gift wrapped simply  using brown paper & washi tape.

Coup de cœur du jour : l'effet bi-goût des coussins La Cerise sur le Gâteau

A curation of Christmas Washi tape craft ideas including Washi tape Christmas wall trees, gift wrapping, tree decorations, advent calendars and

Youth Lab Cosmetics

Youth Lab Cosmetics uses highlighter colors for their cosmetic packaging design. Tubes and boxes.

Clay Soap Trio in Pink Clay & Bamboo Charcoal $12ea.

Soap Trio

Clay soaps are amazing. They work wonderfully as facial soaps, body, and/or shaving bars due to their silky, smooth, luxurious texture. They also contain essential minerals which nourish and revitaliz

Packaging design for Coffee Bird Single Origin designed by Creative Order.

Creative Order designed a new brand, website and packaging range for Coffee Bird, a boutique coffee roaster in Melbourne's south-east.