Faber-Castell  “True Colours” #ad

Faber Castell "True Colors" To show that the product is so good to coloring anything. lead people to stick in mind of how good their colour pencils are.

Tefal "Just the juice."

Tefal "Just the juice." I honestly don't know what this ad is trying to portray, at first glance do not knoew what it is, i just see fruit exploding, it's very visually apealing other than that i think it's a miss

Toyota Tennis Sponsorship

I like this ad because they associate tennis rackets to create the Toyota logo who is a sponsor of the Bulgarian tennis federation. I like the shadow and light focused on the tennis rackets.

25 Examples of Creative & Effective Ads

Creative advertising

Colgate Toothpaste: "SMILE" Outdoor Advert by Jung Von Matt Germany. It's simply done and it's obvious that it represents a gleaming white smile which is what Colgate is all about.

2009: Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific Singapore has released a print and poster campaign for Ben & Jerry’s that is really fun. Psychedelic typography and headlines that are reminiscent of drug-fueled lyrics from the 1960s combine to create unique, albeit cryptic, visuals for this daring campaign.    Creative Director: Tham Khai Meng

Ben & Jerry’s Campagne by Adrian Chan. Cool paint ideas for teen room with Meme's? Am I so uncool I don't even know how to spell "meme?


Fresh step - Cats everywhere are having a hard time smelling their litter boxes Advert & Animals


This WWII era Lifesavers ad with it's military capped candy rolls tells consumers that their favorite flavors may not be available as they are being shipped overseas for Life Magazine.

Museum of Science and Industry Dinosaur Exhibition

Museum of Science and Industry Dinosaur Exhibition