bikes are such a cool thing to draw and do things with. you can draw a bike. better a retro bike. make it bright red or white on black.

The color back grounds frame birds and flowers. For the larger, one-day events, (basically The happening monthly) I like the idea of having a similar event flier design with slightly different features based on the neighborhood, time of year, etc.

Cool Pattern Christmas Flyer

Cool Pattern Christmas Flyer by AbraDesign COOL PATTERN CHRISTMAS FLYERClean, modern and simple design ideal to celebrate Christmas and also customizable for many purposes.

The Birds of Australia by Kristina Sostarko + Jason Odd

Graphic Design From Around the World: Scandinavian Design

Love the simpler things in life? Check out out latest, Graphic Design From Around the World: Scandinavian Design Pastel colours pleasing and subtle to the eye

Sometimes, failure inspires us to do something better. Our featured artist today has conceptualized this project because of an exam failure. Her initial goal was to take out the frustration and relax, but …

RHYTHM IN COLOR--------------Ok not printed textiles or a pattern but it would make a nice fabric print so in it goes. Buildingburgh Art Print by