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Organization ~ Read Alouds By Month

Amazing organizational ideas for kid materials photo of: Classroom Organization of Materials brought to you by RainbowsWithinReach

Colorful Hearts

(image) What a great idea for the kids / grandkids! Perfect DIY project & recycle those used / broken crayon pieces, too. Would make for a great party favor, gift for Valentine's Day (or other occasions) or gift from Teacher to Students! Love it!

DIY-How to Make Candles

Welcome to another tutorial of how to make candles- ice candles. Ice candles are a great piece of decorations as well as shows creativity.

last days of school count down

iTeach Kindergarten Freebies - countdown to the last day of school with a fun activity inside each balloon

Spring Weather Science Experiment for Kids and Preschool Lesson Plan

Clouds in Jar- preschool. water with shaving cream on top (clouds) then pour colored water in a droper on top the clouds and watch as it goes thru the cloud and into the water.Good site on preschool stuff

Lesson plans + extension activities for every Magic School Bus show.  My kids loved the Magic School Bus -  most lessons Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5

Lesson plans + extension activities for every Magic School Bus book! My students LOVE Magic School Bus! High Students love the Magic School Bus too!

water cycle visual - in a zip lock bag!

Primary Reading Party: Water Cycle I had each table draw & label the water cycle on a quart sized bag. We filled it w/some water & taped it to the window. Today some condensation had formed & by the end of the day, there was some precipitation.