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Southern Coconut Cake | Posted By: DebbieNet.com

Southern Coconut Cake | Posted By: DebbieNet.com

I didn't choose to get cheated on. I didn't choose to loose my husband to other women. I didn't choose to have our family drstroyed. I didn't choose to stop being loved. I didn't choose anything... I tried to give chances. I tried to get us help. I tried going to God. I tried changing myself as if I was the problem. I tried everything... I lost something I never had control of...a person whose forever was so different from my own.

I did not choose for you to crawl into bed with her and betray me. I did not choose your calling in Love with her. Indie not choose you faithfullessness.

... you never really forget anyone, but you certainly release them...

Damn, I felt that shit in my bones! forgive + accept that you need to move on in your life - do what is best for you + let them do what is best for them

But I wanted and want to win that war and you just didn't and don't want to fight for it