I am neither Kiwi nor Maori, and never lay a hangi in my life. But after attending the Earth Masterclass at Melbourne Food and Wine Festival last weekend, I was so inspired that now suddenly have t…

NZ maori , Hangi Kai (food) cooked in a earth oven

NZ maori , Hangi Kai (food) cooked in a earth oven. Would love for someone to use the hangi pit at the polytechnic

Remember the days when kids gathered to watch the men pull up the hangi. Back in the it was the ultimate time of every occasion.

How's Your Hangi? Slideshow

“You MUST try a Maori Hangi Feast in New Zealand - Meat fish root vegetables roasted on hot stones underground

Put Down a Hangi

How to Put Down a Hangi. A Hangi is an old way of cooking food as done by the Maori people of Aotearoa (New Zealand) today and by their ancestors before them. Today a hangi is prepared for special occasions. Basically it involves cooking.

Have a real, honest, out of the ground Hangi! Preferably with family.

Maori Hangi rocks provide a record of geomagnetic history by demagnetising when heated and remagnetising in alignment with the current orientation and intensity of Earth’s magnetic field.

http://hangiguide.co.nz/ Hangi is a time honored Maori method of food preparation by steaming it below the ground. The taste is incomparable and still employed in the present day. Hangi irons

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