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Maori Carvings, New Zealand.amazing robintelford Maori Carvings, New Zealand.amazing Maori Carvings, New Zealand.

Maori Stone Carving

Traditional Maori Stone Carving, Hamilton, Aotearoa New Zealand By global oneness project spiral staircases and book shelves

New Zealand Art Paintings

The Unfurling Fern, the Koru, symbolising new beginnings again and again!

Matt Smiler Kura Gallery Maori Art Design Aotearoa New Zealand Carving Totara Male Mask White Moko

Matt Smiler Kura, Maori Art Design Aotearoa New Zealand Carving Totara Male Mask White Moko

Maori Warclub - New Zealand ....

TT: Borrowing Trouble

This is a meré, a hand axe that is primarily decorative, ceremonial, and used in haka and dance performances by Maori people in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Historically, it was a weapon. It is sometimes also crafted out of pounamu (jade).

Beautiful painting of Maori Moko

The subject is Tama Iti, Tuhoe activist from New Zealand. Tumeke re the settlement after 150 years.

ca 1800; wood house post figure, Maori people of New Zealand

A carved-wood Maori house-post figure (amo), an ancestor image, this figure may depict an ancient warrior with his tongue thrust out in defiance and threat. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Maori Wood Carvings

These highly detailed wood carvings have more or less spiritual meanings. They are undoubtedly made with real craftsmanship. Just like many other Maori art forms they were used as vessels to pass on tribal history

Dion Seeling - Maori Design Gallery

PhotoAll About Art Tattoo Studio Rangiora. Quality work by Professional Artist.