Color mixing

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An insight into the magic of colour mixing from primary colours. Also creating and using complementary colours. Numerous visual examples to print out for educational non commercial purposes.

ConceptArt Tutorials on Twitter

“Awesome tutorial by Steve Jung (Art Director at Universal Pictures) #concetpArt #painting #art #tutorial #mouth #drawing #eye”

Learn To Color Your Mandalas Right To Create Harmony - Bored Art

47.8Kshares Facebook14 Twitter1 Pinterest47.7K StumbleUpon0 TumblrMandalas are a design that seem to resonate with the universe and are believed to have a mystical value that goes beyond the mere elements of the design. You will notice when you look at a mandala, it seems simple enough but it will draw you in to look at it more often so that you can seek the very personal message it seems to have. That is why it should come as no surprise that coloring them right is important in order to…


Just going with the flow... Graphic & Website Design

Thursday: It's Technical. Color Theory and Color Choice in Quilts

When I was an art student, and somehow the topic of conversation go to that point, I'd say 70% of the time the response was "Oh, I could nev...

How To Match Different Patterns? | Pattern Mixing For Men

Perfect pattern matching? Sexy. Women love it. Clashing patterns? A BIG turn-off. Today we'll cover the rules of pattern matching for men, how to mix and match stripes, and more.


cosmic-nerd-angel: “ Mini tutorial on painting skin tones. I hope it makes sense. I am writing down all your suggestions for tutorials and hopefully plan to create a detailed tutorial (or series of...

Der Color Thesaurus Für Schriftsteller Und Designer Aus Den Notizen Von Ingrid. Die Farbe B

ArtStation - Painting facial features: Eyes | Artworks

This is third and final of my facial features series tutorial. Videos are combination of real time and speed up with notes and text commentary. Contents: Psd files JPEG images Brushes And 5 videos including: Part 1A and 1B: Structures and planes - Explaining proportion, anatomy and planes (30+21 total 51min) Part 2: Line Demo - Drawing eyes from different angles (28 minutes) Part 3: Painting Iris - Explaining iris structure and showing technique to paint iris (32 minutes) Part 4: Color demo…

The 5 Thou Shall's of Color Blocking: Tips For Rocking the Trend

When it comes to fashion, color blocking is the trend that is making a mark across all lines. That is because it is something that everyone can do. That doesn't mean everyone does it well. So here are 5 tips to help you color block fashionably.

Los factores del tono (I)

Como continuación de los factores del color, y conjuntamente con la ejecución de las cartas de colores de nuestra paleta (que aún sigo haciendo muy poquísimo a poco –yo también me dejo tentar por l…