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I just pinned the Hazelnut Cinnamon Honey drink....here is the link to making your own hazelnut milk for above recipe

Making nutmilk at home is super easy. I look forward to trying hazelnut milk.

Makeup Hacks Every Girl NEEDS To Know! These tips and tricks are all about finding new and better uses for products you already have! Seriously, most of these hacks are life-changing-ly good. Must pin!

Sparkle & Mine: Makeup Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know Amp up your mascara by applying 1 coat then applying baby powder to the tips then another coat of mascara

natural remedy for drooping eyelids

Hold your eyelid closed and dip a cotton swab into the egg white. Rub the cotton swab across the crease of your eyelid holding your eyelid closed wait for the egg white to dry put it on 2 or 3 times

Bullion bumblebee dress

All done with the Bumble Bee Dress, simplicity a Daisy Kingdom design! Here's the details: Fabric: The white bodice and bands are a .

Stay-on knit and crochet baby booties free patterns

These baby booty patterns are great, because they stay on baby's little feet. This was a much visited article I wrote a while ago, plus a special heirloom pattern and another new crocheted one, jus.

Printable Baby Shoe Template | Baby Shoes | Toddler Booties | Childrens Shoes | Kids Shoes - Kidamo

Printable Baby Shoe Template / I couldn't get the page to load the the picture will work well since there is a measurement guide for printing accurately