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Originated in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. Its typical trait is to present the world solely from a subjective perspective, distorting it radically for emotional effect in order to evoke moods or ideas. Expressionist artists sought to express emotional experience rather than physical reality.

The World In Their Art — Jackson PollockYou can find Jackson pollock and more on our website.The World In Their Art — Jackson Pollock Action Painting, Drip Painting, Painting Abstract, Colorful Abstract Art, Abstract Painters, Abstract Portrait, Example Of Abstract, Pollock Paintings, Oil Paintings

Jackson Pollock. This is an effective piece of art as the layers of paint with the bold colours give off an interesting and textured look.

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, a German expressionist painter Paul Klee, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Edvard Munch, Wassily Kandinsky, Art Dégénéré, Karl Schmidt Rottluff, Degenerate Art, Oil Pastel Art, Paisajes

Les éphémérides d'Alcide 1er décembre

Retrouverez plusieurs événements qui se sont passés au fil des ans

Gabriele Münter, Garten in Murnau / Garden at Murnau (ca. Wassily Kandinsky, Landscape Illustration, Illustration Art, Franz Marc, Expressionist Artists, Gravure, Abstract Landscape, Cat Art, Paisajes

Gabriele Münter, Garten in Murnau / Garden at Murnau (ca. 1910)

Gabriele Münter (* 19. Februar 1877 in Berlin; † 19. Mai 1962 in Murnau am Staffelsee) war eine Malerin des Expressionismus, daneben zeichnete sie und betätigte sich auf dem Gebiet der Druckgrafik. Sie war Mitglied der Neuen Künstlervereinigung München (N.K.V.M.) und später eng mit dem Blauen Reiter verbunden. Als langjährige Lebensgefährtin von Wassily Kandinsky rettete sie später einen bedeutenden Teil seiner Werke durch die Kriegs- und Nachkriegszeit und machte sie, zusammen mit Bildern…

"Gothic" by jackson Pollock is his very famous painting. Pollock told a critic that this composition was based on Pablo Picasso’s 1907 masterpiece, Le Demoiselles d’Avignon. Action Painting, Drip Painting, Pablo Picasso, Tachisme, Jackson Pollock Art, Jack Pollock, Pollock Paintings, Lee Krasner, Paul Jackson

Jackson Pollock, Gothic, 1944. Art Experience NYC

Marianne von Werefkin (Russian Мариамна/Марианна Владимировна Веревкина) Tula, Russia – Ascona, Switzerland), born Marianna Wladimirowna Werewkina was a Russian-Swiss Expressionist painter.: Marianne von Werefkin, a Russian expressionist painter Art And Illustration, Wassily Kandinsky, Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Expressionist Artists, Claude Monet, Edvard Munch, Paul Cezanne, Art Moderne

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Where is Action Painting Today ? The Heritage of Jackson Pollock . Action Painting, Drip Painting, Oil Painting Abstract, Abstract Canvas, Jackson Pollock Artwork, Pollock Paintings, Oil Paintings, Original Paintings, Abstract Art Images

Jackson Pollock success!

Jackson Pollock paintings by 4th grade, and more spontaneous abstract works are complete! 2nd graders made some great collages with scrap materials, and 3rd graders combined oil pastels, baby oil, and black tempera for some fun paintings. Each Pollock-style painting is big, colorful, and unique - there are 8 paintings total (4 from each 4th grade class, each painted by a group of approximately 4 students). Here's 2 of them: Here's some closeups: And some more of the paintings: And something…

White Light, 1954 by Jackson Pollock Jackson Pollock painted White Light in time of Abstract Expressionism development. Jackson Pollock is motivat… Action Painting, Drip Painting, Light Painting, Willem De Kooning, Tachisme, Jackson Pollock Art, Jack Pollock, Pollock Paintings, Oil Paintings

Jackson Pollock - White Light (1954)

An appreciation blog for abstract art, in particular from the abstract expressionist school. Pollock, de Kooning, Hofmann, Frankenthaler, Riopelle, Gorky, et al. will be presented here. All rights reserved by the artists or their legal delegates.

 Gabriele Münter was a German expressionist painter who was at the forefront of the Munich avant-garde in the early century and one of the founders of "The BLue Rider". Franz Marc, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Cavalier Bleu, George Grosz, Blue Rider, August Macke, Guache, Paintings I Love


Buon compleanno al pittore toscano Uberto Bonetti (Viareggio, 31 gennaio 1909), nato l’anno in cui fu pubblicato il “Manifesto del futurismo” di Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, corrente alla quale avrebbe aderito appieno per tutta la sua vita. In particolare fece propri i principi dell’aeropittura futurista, enunciati sempre da Marinetti & Co. nel 1929. Realizzò seguendo quello stile le sue più significative rappresentazioni di città. fonte:

The first of two paintings by German-Danish artist Emil Nolde: "Blue Mood" Emil Nolde, Klimt, Kandinsky, Vincent Van Gogh, Karl Schmidt Rottluff, Munier, Expressionist Artists, Edvard Munch, Art Pictures

German expressionism: Emil Nolde

If you like, see also Emile Nolde part II Hay Meadow Wheat Field (ca 1900) Light Sea Mood, 1901 Blaue Stimmung, 1904 A Cloister at the Mountain Etna, 1905 Willows in Snow, 1907-1908 Heuwiese, 1907 Young Woman, 1907 Conversation in the Garden, 1908 The Blue Flowers, 1908 White Trees Trunks (1908) Autumn sea VII (1910) Marsh Bridge, 1910 Herbstmeer 1910 Self-Portrait, 1912 Summer Clouds, 1913 Crocus Blossoms, 1914 Mondnacht (1914) Vase mit Blumen, 1915 Sailing Boats (Silver Air), 1915…