Henry Leov
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Great color palette, great photo manipulation of the thunderbolt fading into the lion, and love the spacing of the hairs in the mane to give a fluid motion to the piece.

Thunder Lion + Illustration It's like Harry Potter/ Narnia. Love the incorporation of the lion into a symbol. what about a wave?


Part shape and could swirl into ocean waves Fern design. I'm looking for a fern to get tattooed for my father; a stargazer lily for my mother

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos.... love this, maybe purple instead!

Love the black and blue. gorgeous doodle in black with circles . and three bright blue flowers . beautiful and dramatic .

Tribal designs in gray and sea green polish. Complete your winter nail look with these fu looking tribal designs in darker gray hues.:

Combine glitter nail art with carnation flowers and beads on your nails. Source Be fashionable this season with beautiful winter nail art Winter is starting to peek and this is one of the most exciting… Continue Reading →