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I like to watch anime. SOUKOKU IS OTP
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owari no seraph | Tumblr

Owari No Seraph - and Mitsuba is the sister right? Bossy little sister sounds about right.

He has the prequel books which I honestly prefer to the anime. Maybe not the manga tho. That's probably just coz I'm a bookworm tho.

I love him, I hope they do an anime of the light novel series where he is the main character! <<< I would love that, he is like my ultimate favorite character XD

owari no seraph funny - Hledat Googlem

lol what no *secretly saves*

Owari no seraph Yuu & Mika, Naruto & Sasuke, Shingeki no kyojin Armin & Eren, Durarara Izaya & Shizuo, Noragami Yukine & Yato, Servamp Licht & Lawless

Yuu & Mika (Owari no Seraph), Naruto & Sasuke (Naruto), Armin & Eren (Shingeki no Kyojin), Izaya & Shizuo (Durarara), Yukine & Yato (Noragami) & Licht & Lawless (Servamp)