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Redwoods Treehouse Restaurant This gorgeous treehouse was built in New Zealand as part of a marketing campaign for Yellow Book. Amateur entrepreneurs were challenged to build a restaurant 30 feet up a redwood tree using only those resources they could find in Yellow Book’s directory. The treetop restaurant took 66 days to build and employed more than 60 businesses. Two thousand people dined in the Redwoods Treehouse Restaurant upon completion.

Another view of the Yellow Tree House by Pacific Environment Architects, built around a redwood tree 40 meters high and meters in diameter at its base. Located north of Auckland in New Zealand,

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Sleep Above Africa's Wildlife (Skukuza, South Africa)Experience the wildlife of Africa from the safety of your own room. You are open to the elements yet still have the amenities of the resort. After the sun falls and your lanterns are lit .

The bedrooms at Thailand’s Keemala Phuket Resort features views over the treetops of Keemala. See more of this incredible Southeast Asian hotel now.

Birds’ nests, seedpods, thatched hobbit holes: Phuket luxury resort Keemala’s pool villas are incredible architectural anomalies, nestled in a magical woodland setting.

Caribbean yacht party, anyone!?! I cannot believe my eyes. This Island Yacht has my name all over it.

Caribbean yacht party, anyone! I cannot believe my eyes. This Island Yacht has my name all over it. this can't be real ?

Santorini, Greece, oh my god!!!!

Santorini in Greece is known for the white architecture against the incredible blueness of the sky and sea, which makes for a dream romantic vacation spot . Are We There Yet,Bright Places,GREECE!,Have Dreams.Will Trav

Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas

Atlantis, Bahamas Multi City World Travel Bahamas Amazing discounts - up to off Compare prices on of Travel Motel And Flight booking sites at once a must do trip with my girls

river resort in Bali.

This looks like a bit of awesomeness! Panchoran Retreat - Formerly Linda Garland Estate Near Ubud, Bali. Voted one of the 10 best villas to rent in Bali, by Conde Nast Traveller.