Physical health only????

No it hormones, you have them, I have them. There will be bitchy teachers but that shouldn't represent the whole schooling system <<< but s majority of the schooling system is fucked up, you can't just blame behaviour on hormones all the time

This is beautiful.

I'd just really like to know what sort of project involves a deer carcass.

DeviantArt cred to she-sells-seashells Sooo adorable ❤️

DeviantArt cred to she-sells-seashells Sooo adorable ❤️ - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on s

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I feel tattoos are memories. Like photos of you when you were younger, only more permanent.<< my young self was a fucking racist, homophobic sexist-ass piece of shit

Chemistry Class Is Boring *I actually enjoyed Chemistry  but there was that one class that I felt like this*

Chemistry Class Is Boring

Funny pictures about Chemistry Class Is Boring. Oh, and cool pics about Chemistry Class Is Boring. Also, Chemistry Class Is Boring photos.

Or every time they try to talk to about their thing, they’re judged. So just give the kiddo the time to chat about their interests even you don’t really like those interests.<<<<I'm this quiet kid. =') someone finally said it.

I'm generation Z. So are a lot of other people, and let me tell you right now, we are very depressing. <<being gen Z is wild tbh

Monopoly Harry Potter board

Monopoly Harry Potter board

The fact someone made this for a friend is awesome! There should be a Harry Potter monopoly board, I wonder why there isn’t one?

Lesbians can be incredible people, very kind and loving. And I love them, and all their choices. This is an absolutely beautiful piece written by a lesbian, and I completely agree with everything it says about being friend zoned and girlfriendzoned.