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German battleship Gneisenau, also described as a battlecruiser.

redjeep: “ lodille: “ redjeep: “ that’s the KMS Gneisenau, a WWII German Battlecruiser / Light Battleship ” He had a little sister called: ‘Scharnhorst’. ” "She" had a little sister… all ships are.

F4U Corsairs making an attack on the bridges at Sinuiju, spanning the Yalu river, linking North Korea with China

Attack on the Yalu Bridges by Philip West. Attack on the Yalu Bridges by Philip West. Corsair during the Korean War attacking Yalu bridges. Paper size 18 inches x 14 inches x Attack on the Yalu Bridges by Philip West.

Lt (JG) Tom ‘TK’ Killefer of VF-17 after Forced Landing, Nissan Island. (Colorized Photo) March 1944.

Navy Vought Corsair (BuNo of Fighting Squadron Jolly Rogers pictured on Nissan Island, Green Island Group, after making an emergency landing there. The airstrip had not yet been completed when the aircraft arrived.

B-17 Flying Fortress

The Boeing Flying Fortress. The young men were given 300 hours of intensive training before being deployed to action. The initial rejection rate of applicants was Less than perfect eyesight was a major cause of rejection.


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