Detail shot of the colourful shingles that fronts a studio designed for east London creatives.

Handmade concrete tiles give a scaly facade to this collaborative workplace building designed by Assemble for artists and designers in east London. - Colourful shingles front Assemble's Yardhouse studios for east London creatives

Rock Garden in Chandigarh, India

Rock Garden developed by scrap by Mr. NekChand in Chandigarh, India

Wythe Hotel by Workstead | Yellowtrace

Selected Projects by Workstead

each rug, most of which are drawn from antiquarian sources, has a fiber density of 500,000 per square meter and is printed with a resolution of 76dpi.

moooi carpets debuts six piece rug collection by valerio sommella


Urban Cage Project

Designer Yi-Ting Chen created a design object to put iPhone and iPad’s devices at home : the Urban Cage. With the shape of a bird’s cage, the design

moooi carpets rug collection valerio sommella

moooi carpets debuts six piece rug collection by valerio sommella



When poured on wooden surfaces, liquid pigments flow randomly creating color gradients, transitioning into other hues resulting in ethereal panels of art.

Selected - Carr Design Group

Victoria Commercial 2015 Sophisticated, monochrome and beautifully detailed, Salta’s new office on Collins Street serves as…

rezzan hasoglu reinterprets traditional glassblowing technique in vase collection