Cool. Cool, cool, cool. This is why I shouldn't purposefully forget Rhino after uni's trauma

Love this… Vertical timber slats to dress a block wall… Plays tricks on the…

Historic House Gets A Modern Makeover From The Inside Out (

Historic House Gets A Modern Makeover From The Inside Out

Newton House by NADAAA in Newton Massachussets. Photo Credits: John Horner. Focus on the ebony exterior cladding.

Facade Focus: Wood

Light integration is one of the most important layer. With the wrong light, materials can seem flat, discoloured, or dark. That's why Premier Elevator uses State of the Art CAD systems to synthesize lighting before any materials are physically utilized.

Something like this in the middle of the elevator wall would be awesome. The lights could be lit but also "open" to see thru the elevator.

A modern cheese bar in Barcelona full of colorful details, wooden elements, and diamond patterns complete with a three-dimensional facade.

A Modern Cheese Bar in Barcelona by estudi{H}ac

The interior design studio estudiHac has designed the new Poncelet Cheese Bar Barcelona, ​​located inside the Hotel Meliá Sarriá. This new culinary space has a total of 400 square meters on the ground floor of the hotel, and is called.


Multi residential project One Central Park East Project: Architecture: Atelier Jean Nouvel, in collaboration with PTW Architects, Interior Architects: East Tower by Koichi Takada Architects, West Tower by Smart Design Studio.


Sliding timber screens of solid and perforated slats open up spaces or conceal the kitchen from the living area in this small apartment by Sydney-based Koichi Takada …

City Block Centre/Pablo Dellatorre © Gonzalo Viramonte

Built by Pablo Dellatorre in Córdoba, Argentina with date Images by Gonzalo Viramonte. Twelve studios / dwellings of and terrace make up "City Block Center". A building in the center of the bloc.