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This is heartbreaking

I have lost things (Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, River Song, Amy Pond, Rory Williams) you will never understand. <~~ excuse me? Amy and rory die!

One of these days I truly hope we have a ginger Doctor!

Maybe next time.a ginger Doctor? A Doctor with no soul?--- Timelords with ginger hair are considered heroes. So the doctor will probably never be ginger.

True story.

Funny pictures about Arch-Nemeses. Oh, and cool pics about Arch-Nemeses. Also, Arch-Nemeses photos.

I'm laughing more than I probably should at this

That awkward moment when you realize you watched the girl you love kiss her twin brother on the mouth.

Bananas are cool

I'm a banana now. Bananas are cool. You mean bananas are good!

Howl AT-AT the Moon

"Howl AT-AT the Moon" by geekchic_tees The AT-AT is known for it’s bizarre behaviour when the moon is full … wait, that’s no moon.


Physics formulas explained in layman's terms? This one post literally explained these better than the 2 semesters of physics I took

Harley Quinn

i want to be harley quinn for halloween. but i need a reason to even dress up for halloween Harley Quinn + Deadpool Commission by *jamietyndall