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Margaret de Walsokene Dating: 1349 Location: St Margaret's Church, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England Gender: F Costume: Civilian

Margaret de Walsokene 1349 printed cotehardie with amazing print pattern and button sleeves. interesting cuff line going on. sideless surcoat with trim. wimple and veil.

c. 1815 men's coat, American, made of linen, The Metropolitan Museum of Art 1997.508

Experiments in Elegance: Faking Regency Fashion for Men (click-through for an entire gallery). This is a beautiful coat, wish I had one in this color!

Men's Victorian Wedding Outfit. 1800s. Frock coat, double breasted waist coat, button fly pants, Shirt and Ascot

A men's frock coat with black trousers. He is also wearing a black shirt with brass buttons in the middle. The tips of the sleeves are white, so he is probably wearing a tunic or undershirt.

Victorian Formal Tailcoat

Originally designed by English country gentlemen to make horseback riding easier, the tailcoat was popularized for daywear by Beau Brummel himself. By the it was used almost exclusively for evening wear.

Man’s Suit 1815-1820 The Victoria & Albert Museum

FCBTC / British - The cut-away coat remained formal daywear for men until the This example has long tight sleeves, puffed at the shoulder, a style typical of the period The roll collar has an M-shape notch, introduced about and a waist seam.