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Explore the versatility of dry pastels and learn how to create beautiful artwork with this medium. Discover tips, techniques, and inspiration to unleash your creativity.
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From representational to interpretive, from crashing ocean waves to quiet classic still life paintings, Jeanne Rosier Smith's pastel paintings intrigue the viewer to com back for more. Visit gallery31capecod.com in Orleans, MA to see Jeanne's breathtaking fine art up close and personal.

Nela nowacka
Chalk Pastel Art, Soft Pastel Art, Pastel Artwork, Oil Pastel Paintings, Chalk Pastels, Oil Pastels, Horse Paintings, Flower Paintings, Soft Pastel Drawings

'Kindred Souls' 8x10 pastel ©Karen Margulis available for purchase $145 Sometimes I just don't feel like making a mess. Sometimes I want to do an underpainting but I don't want to take out my paints and brushes and I don't want to clean up. Sometimes I am using paper that can't get wet so doing a wet underpainting isn't an option. Yet I still would like to have the benefits of an underpainting. I like having some colors, values and interesting things happening on my paper to respond to. I…

Connie Wilburn
Painting My World: Tips for Adding a Figure to a Pastel Painting part one Chalk Pastel Art, Soft Pastel Art, Dry Pastel, Chalk Pastels, Pastel Drawing, Oil Pastels, Pastel Paintings, Pastel Artwork, Horse Paintings

'Hurry Up!' 8x10 pastel ©Karen Margulis click here to purchase $145 I am not a landscape purist. I like touches of life in my paintings. Birds, bees, buildings and people all add an element of interest to a painting. Sometimes a small figure or even a telephone wire is just what the painting needs. For me it makes me feel connected to the scene....it invites me to join in. Adding figures to a landscape or cityscape can be a challenge. I am not a figurative painter so it makes it even more of…

Chalk Pastel Art, Soft Pastel Art, Pastel Artwork, Dry Pastel, Chalk Pastels, Chalk Art, Pastel Paintings, Horse Paintings, Oil Pastels

By Niki Hilsabeck in Art Tutorials > Painting Tutorials Soft pastels are easy to blend, mix, and apply, and are a great dry medium when you need to work quickly or paint outdoors. They require no brushes, water, or blending mediums, and their brilliant colors create beautiful, bright works of art. Unfortunately, pastels can also be quite messy to use, and for this reason, many artists shy away from it. Yes, one of the tools available to pastel artists is spray fixative, […]

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