Faceted crystal

Add a touch of elegance to your home decor with beautiful faceted crystal accents. Discover top ideas to create a sparkling ambiance that will impress your guests.
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Beautiful, rainbow producing “crystal balls” are one of the most stereotypical items associated with Feng Shui. When Feng Shui was introduced to the US only a few decades ago, the idea of integrating these playful elements into the home was adopted by many. What do the faceted spherical delights mean in Feng Shui, and even…

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It’s income tax day in the United States, and money is on a lot of people’s minds here. Recently I’ve received so many Reader questions about money. They’re often worried that their finances might decline because of a Feng Shui tip they’ve read or a challenge with money already exists. Although everyone’s situation is a…

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6 ft Crystal Chandelier Beads Material: K9 Crystal; Not Acrylic, Not Plastic, Glass Crystal Octagon Beads chandelier pendants are made of K9 crystal, crystal glass beads presents brilliant faceted edge to catch the light,pure and sparkly, High hardness, not easy to be scratched. Crystal strands are held together by metal rings, which make is easy to adjust strands to be as long or short as you need them to be. Aapplication:Chandelier, candlestick, bead curtain, wedding focus, bridal shower…