Growth mindset for kids

Empower your child with a growth mindset to unlock their full potential. Explore top ideas and strategies to cultivate resilience, perseverance, and a love for learning in your kids.
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We ALL have beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. How we understand and react to that world depends on our mindset. Discovered by psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck, mindset refers to the way we look at our abilities and intelligence as qualities we can change and grow. Check out the

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Inside: Discover a list of awesome growth mindset activities for kids that will encourage them to become more confident, try new things (even if they feel hard) and overcome challenges easier. "I can't do this!",

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Growth mindset, for good reason, has become one of the biggest buzz words and theories in education today. The concept comes from Dr. Carol Dweck’s studies of thousands of children and their attitudes towards failure. In her research, Dr. Dweck noticed that, when faced with failure, some children felt devastated and helpless, and quickly gave…

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