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Gym Equipment

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Valor Fitness CB-14, Seated Row Machine

Seated Row Machine for at Home Fitness The Valor Fitness CB-14 Plate Loaded Seated Row Machine is a versatile exercise machine offering a full body workout. It is an ideal piece of equipment to develop a strong and muscular back by building depth in the middle back, while also strengthening the lat muscles! The back is one of the most neglected muscle groups in the body. However, the back muscles serve us in many daily life activities, and should always be a focus when it comes to working out, whether at home or at your local commercial gym. This seated row/chest pull machine also targets your chest muscles and can help improve your posture. Make this unit your go-to rowing workout for your home gym. CB-14 Seated Row Machine Features & Benefits: HEAVY-DUTY BACK ROW MACHINE: The CB-14 is constructed of thick steel for strength and durability, and high-density dual-layered padding to last through your most intense back workout! Rubber end caps on each foot of the Row Machine provide additional stability to the frame and prevent damage to your home gym floor. INDEPENDENT ARMS: Each arm on this Seated Row Machine/Chest Pull Machine works independently of each other. This gives you the option to work both sides of your back at the same time or in an alternating manner. Either way, this allows you to focus on each side of your back (without one side doing the bulk of the work), so you can strengthen each side of your back muscles including the lat muscles and spinal erectors, as well as your biceps as a secondary target! VERSATILE GRIPS: This workout machine includes a stationary grip handle that allows you to target your back muscles like a T Row/T Bar Row Machine, as well as a rotating grip handle! The rotating grip handle allows you to pivot your arm naturally during the row for a more comfortable movement/workout with less strain on your elbows! ADJUSTABLE: The seat pad adjusts in 4 positions vertically to find the right height for you during your workout, while the chest pad adjusts in 5 different positions! The seat is tapered for a comfortable and natural position during your row workout. PLATE LOADED: The CB-14 can hold both standard and Olympic sized weights or bumper weight plates. Purchase includes 2 Olympic sleeve adapters, and both Olympic and standard sized spring clips. ADDITIONAL: The CB-14 Seated Row Machine/Chest Pull Machine is perfect for athletes of all levels, in any home or garage gym, or light-commercial fitness center! Constructed of 2" x 2" 12-gauge steel, its max weight load of 200 lb per arm (400 lb total max weight load). Warranty, 3-year frame, 2-year padding, 1-year popper pins. Arrives in 2 separate boxes. Dimensions SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in) Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH in inches) CB-14 CB-14 Box 1 60 40 20 8 53.5x33.5x41 CB-14 Box 2 23 18 12 9 53.5x33.5x41

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Valor Fitness PTFM-1, Olympic Weightlifting Platform

The Valor Fitness PTFM-1 Olympic Weightlifting and Deadlift Platform is an essential piece of workout equipment for home, garage, and commercial gyms. Its surface provides firm footing to slide between your rack or over your garage gym floor to ultimate protection. PTFM-1, Olympic Weightlifting Platform Features & Benefits: HIGH QUALITY: Heavy-duty Olympic platform constructed of 16 individual 1.25” high-impact rubber floor mats and 4 bamboo lined boards built to withstand heavy lifts such as the deadlift and Olympic movements. FLOOR MATS: Each individual floor mat/pad insert protects your gym floor while lessening the sound in your home gym and absorbing the impact from the weights when landing on the platform. Includes 8 total tiles - 4 tiles measuring 19.5" x 9.75" and 4 tiles measuring 19.5" x 19.5". SAFE, FIRM FOOTING: This platform includes bamboo boards in the middle of the rubber flooring for firm footing and safety during your workout for effective home gym flooring in your home or garage gym. Also includes a transition plate to safely step on and off the platform. STABLE: The rubber mats and weightlifting/deadlift platform are enclosed in a secure metal frame, with corner plates in each corner of the platform for additional stability and safety. ADDITIONAL: Footprint of the platform measures 81.5" x 101". This Olympic weightlifting/deadlift platform is an essential piece of workout equipment for your home, garage, and commercial gym! Warranty, 1-year platform. Arrives in 5 separate boxes. Dimensions SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in) Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH in inches) PTFM-1 Platform (box 1) 64 21 21 6 81.5x101 Platform (box 2) 64 21 21 6 81.5x101 Platform (box 3) 74 21 21 7 81.5x101 Platform (box 4) 88 41 22 6 81.5x101 Platform (box 5) 44 100 9 3 81.5x101

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Reactor 8" Rubber Kettlebell 12lb - Blue

8" diameter Combine strength training & muscle coordination training Develop muscle tone, strength and flexibility while promoting fat loss Effective for both upper and lower body work-outs Royal blue - 12lb

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Valor Fitness PY-1, Portable Cable Station - Portable Cable Station

Plate Loaded Portable Cable Station with Pull Down Strap This Pulley Station is ideal for on-the-go and at home cable workout. When putting together a home or garage gym, space is always a factor. We are often unable to get our dream fitness center at home due to a sheer lack of space. With the Valor Fitness PY-1 Portable Cable Station, you can save plenty of space in your home gym while getting an intense cable workout like those you can perform in a commercial gym. Portable Cable Station Features & Benefits: WELL MADE: This lat pulldown machine is made to last through intense workouts. Includes with a heavy-duty, 75” long rubber sheathed cable for strength, durability, and smooth operation. Cable pulley constructed of heavy-duty steel. MAJOR SPACE SAVER: Roll it up and pack it in your gym bag and use for travel or keep it in a drawer in your house. Where space may deter users from adding a Cable Machine to their home gym, the PY-1 offers the benefits of a cable system without needing a large piece of equipment. VERSATILE: Can be used with a wide range of cable attachment workouts, such as tricep pull downs, lat pull downs, cable crunches, and many others. Purchase includes Pull Down Strap but can be used with many other accessories (See bundle option). This tricep machine is just what you need for your home gym system. EASY ASSEMBLY: Simply thread the weight plate ring through the center of a bumper plate (sold separately) and attach it to the cable. Cable Pulley can connect to power racks, pull-up bars, beams, and just about anywhere you can attach the strap. Bundle option creates the best pulleys for lifting with rope, tricep V bar and triangle chest pull. ADDITIONAL: Includes Weight Plate Ring Strap, Rubber Sheathed Cable, Cable Pulley with connecting strap, and Pull Down Strap. Meant for home and light-commercial gym use. Max weight load of 200 lb. Compatible with plates with a 2” opening. Dimensions SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in) PY-1 Pulley Cable Station 4 8 8 2

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Valor Fitness BD-58, Half Rack - Half Rack W/ Weightlifting Platform

The Ultimate Half Rack for Your Home Gym The Valor Fitness BD-58 Half Rack provides everything you need to maximize your home gym while keeping safety in mind. The BD-58 frame is constructed from 3” x 3” 11-gauge Steel for strength and durability throughout the frame and is designed with a floor mount base to prevent any movement in frame. Designed for a weight capacity of 750 lb. BD-58 Half Rack Features & Benefits: HEAVY DUTY SQUAT RACK: One of the STRONGEST racks you will find! Rated for 750 lb, the BD-58 is constructed with a 3" x 3", 11-gauge steel for strength and durability throughout the frame. The floor mount base support adds further stability to this half rack, while you have the option to remove the rubber end caps and bolt the unit to the floor if required for even more stability. MULTI-GRIP PULL UP TOWER: The BD-58 features a multi-grip pull up bar with multiple hand grips so you can perform pull ups or chin ups in up to 5 different positions! This includes a traditional/standard grip, a close grip, wide grip, and a 45-degree angled grip so you can build those back, arm, and shoulder muscles you have been looking for! The pull up station has an adjustable height from 79" to 94" to find the right pull up bar height for you or your gym. VERSATILE TRAINING: In addition to pull ups, use the BD-58 Squat Rack to perform your heavy squat workout with the help of the 23" long safety bars! With 43.5" of width inside this power rack, you can easily slide a bench for both flat and incline bench press. J-hooks can be adjusted to the right height for you to rack or unrack your barbell during both bench and squat workouts, while you can also use the 4 band pegs to get resistance training in with banded squat and bench press workouts! OLYMPIC BARBELL AND PLATE STORAGE: Keep your gym or fitness space clean and organized with the BD-58! The Olympic bar holders on both sides of the frame allow you to easily hook and store up to 2 Olympic barbells. 6 weight storage pegs give you ample bumper plate storage to get your weights off the floor and keep them organized! COMPATIBLE ACCESSORIES: RG-17 Dip Attachment, PTFM-58 Weightlifting Platform ADDITIONAL: The BD-58 Squat Rack measures 53" x 73" x 87", but due to the adjustable pull up bar the maximum height is 94". Meant for home or garage gym and light-commercial use. Max weight load of 750 lb. Warranty, 5-year. Arrives in 4 separate boxes. Dimensions SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in) Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH in inches) BD-58 Half Rack (box 1) 68 85 10 4 53x73x87 Half Rack (box 2) 75 73 23 4 53x73x87 Half Rack (box 3) 66 37 15 6 53x73x87 Half Rack (box 4) 68 45 14 12 53x73x87

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Valor Fitness MB-G, Short Barbell Holder Set for BD-11 & BD-41 Power Racks

Short Barbell Holder Set for BD-11 and BD-41 Power Racks The Valor Fitness MB-G Short Barbell Holder Set is designed to enhance and provide added support to one's home gym equipment. A 4.25” rubber lined striker pad slanted at a 50-degree tilt allows your bar a firm support when returning to, or from a starting position. This added length along with the degree tilt allows the user to safely and cleanly return the bar to its original location. Short Barbell Holder Set Features & Benefits: SECURE: Solid steel bar holders welded to a 3-sided face plate for a secure grip on Valor Fitness BD-11, BD-20 and BD-41 Power Racks. The solid 12-Gauge Steel rod is positioned completely through the main frame uprights, creating a safe locking mechanism. HEAVY DUTY: Short Barbell Holder Set made from 12-Gauge Steel, the MB-G can safely support up to 750 lb for added insurance while lifting personal best limits. UNIQUE DESIGN: Safety catch extends 5" from the power rack and is reinforced with rubber padding to absorb shock and better support the weight. 1.25" Steel End Caps prevent bar from sliding or tipping off. EASILY ADJUSTABLE: Safety bar extensions can be adjusted with just a turn of the wrist by rotating the extension 90 degrees to unlock. Find desired height, re-insert steel pin, and rotate back in place to lock. ADDITIONAL: Sold as a pair. Please note that Valor Fitness accessories are designed to fit Valor Fitness products only. The MB-G is compatible with the BD-11, BD-20, and BD-41 Power Racks Dimensions SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in) MB-G BD-11 Short Bar Holder 9 9 8 6

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Home Gym Equipment 1000LB Capacity Power Rack With Olympic Bar 340lb Weight Plates Weight Bench Battle Rope

Click the picture👇 Learn more about individual products BEST HOME GYM SET PACKAGE INCLUDE :1000LB Capacity Power Cage x1 PCSAdjustable Weight Bench x1 PCSOlympic Bumper Plate Weight Plates 340lbs ( 10lb*2 / 25lb*2 / 35lb*2 / 45lb*2 / 55lb*2 ) x1 PCSIFAST 7 Feet Olympic WeightLifting Bars x1 PCS Battle Rope 1.5 Inch Width 30 ft Length x1 PCS # FREE Barbell squat pad

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Fitness Equipments GYM Machine Multifunction Smith Machine

Fitness Equipments GYM Machine Multifunction Smith Machine The weight of each pile is 176Ib/80kg

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BOMINFIT 3-In-1 Pulley System Fitness Equipment Multifunction Biceps Triceps Hand Strength Trainning Home Gym Sport Exercise

BOMINFIT 3-In-1 Pulley System Fitness Equipment Multifunction Biceps Triceps Hand Strength Trainning Home Gym Sport Exercise Color: Black Application: Indoor,Fitness room Material: Stainless Steel,Nylon Precise details: Specifictaion: Type Gym Training Equipment Color Black Main material Steel Composition Steel + Nylon Load bearing 80kg Body size 44x17x9cm / 17.16x6.63x3.50inch Features: - Low noise: In order to prevent exercise from disturbing roommates or neighbors, the guide wheels of the high puller tension cable are equipped with particularly high-quality ball bearings to ensure low noise and clean operation of the cable. - Capable of supporting up to 80kg of weight with the loading strap, perfect for both intermediate and advanced users alike. You will feel safe while working out with as many weights as you can. - Gourd buckle design gives you a wide variety of options in how you want to train, and what specific cable exercises you can incorporate with the sets of tools available. - Builds forearm strength, wrist strength and flexibility and increased hand strength. - Suitable for all fitness and skill levels. Package included: 1 x Main Structure 1 x Pulley 1 x 3.5m Cable 1 x 1.5 Cable 1 x Tie Rod 1 x Dumbbell Rack 6 x M8 Screw Note: -Please allow slight deviation of measurement due to manual measurement. -Due to different monitors and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. -Please consider the actual sizes shown in the listing as the pictures are generally enlarged to show detail. Color Black Application Indoor,Fitness room Material Stainless Steel,Nylon Low noise In order to prevent exercise from disturbing roommates or neighbors, the guide wheels of the high puller tension cable are equipped with particularly high (n/a)

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