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Discover a variety of fun and engaging handwriting activities for kids that will help improve their penmanship skills. From tracing worksheets to interactive games, find creative ways to make learning handwriting enjoyable.
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Handwriting practice doesn’t need to be boring! This handwriting activity uses colored pencils with bright and vivid colors to make a colorful activity that seems more like a game than working on handwriting skills like letter formation and pencil pressure. If you’ve been following The OT Toolbox for long, then you know that creative handwriting ... Read more

Roxanne De Craene
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Welcome! You’ve come to the right place for easy and fun crafts, play, and learning ideas for parents and teachers. We’ll use materials that are simple and that you may already have around your house! Get the latest crafts to your inbox! Popular crafts follow @abcdeelearning on INstagram! I’d love how to have you join...

Andrea Cole
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As young children progress from early mark making toward writing letters it can be tempting to push them toward tracing sheets and worksheets designed for handwriting practice. However, teaching handwriting without these tools can be a lot more fun!

Sunny Herring
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I wanted to share with you today some favorite and fun ideas for teaching the letters of the alphabet and handwriting. Over the years teaching the alphabet has changed quite a lot due to the increase in standards. However, the fact that young children can get overwhelmed with learning both the uppercase and lowercase version […]

Karen Thompson
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Preschool teachers who are looking to teach handwriting without tears can find a variety of printable resources to support their lessons. These resources include worksheets, tracing pages, and letter formation guides.

Julie Ronk
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There are some kids out there who absolutely HATE handwriting. Let me re-phase that. There are a ton of kids who completely despise to their core the act of working neat handwriting, pencil grasp, slowing down so people can read their words, and writing on the lines. A ton. I’ve worked with many (many!) kids ... Read more

Terje Pill