Plant care

Learn how to properly care for your plants with these essential tips. From watering to pruning, discover the secrets to keeping your plants healthy and vibrant all year round.
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We have all had it happen. You bring home a beautiful new house plant with the best intentions and great hopes. Cut to two months and you are tossing out a mushy brown blob on top of a pile of dirt. Learn the number one reason this happens and how you can prevent it.

Kathy Childress
Planting Flowers, Gardening, Growing Plants, Plant Hacks, Plant Care Houseplant, Plant Care, Indoor Plant Care, Beginner Plants Indoor, House Plant Care

So you want to have a beautiful yard filled with plants that will add character, but you have no sun because your entire yard is covered with trees? Do you have a back covered patio that’s in need of some refreshing and updating? Well, we at Garden Valley Farmers Market, have got you covered with o

Amanda Kennedy