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Anton Gudim is an artist who’s great at noticing how contradictory our everyday life can be. Besides his quirky short-paneled comics, the artist also creates sarcastic and relatable illustrations he calls "Yes, But" that depict two sides of the same circumstance.

Anushka Bhushan
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Short comics are the best for passing time or just finding fellow people who share the same ideas as you. Some artists stick to a particular theme, however. So while some comics are lighthearted and revolve around funny day-to-day stories, there are comics that cater particularly to those of you who like dark humor.

Patrick Garcia
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Akshara Ashok is an Indian illustrator who is known for creating humorous comics that highlight the common struggles and challenges faced by women in their daily lives. From poking fun at period jokes to addressing body image issues, Akshara's illustrations aim to break taboos and challenge stereotypes surrounding women and their experiences.