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ArtStation - Stellaris Invicta: The Fall of Melaka, Joan Piqué Llorens Sci Fi Fantasy, Dark Fantasy Art, Fantasy World, Sci Fi Landscape, Arte Dark Souls, Sci Fi Environment, Futuristic Art, Science Fiction Art, Panzer

© 2021 Joan Piqué Llorens, The Templin Institute. Concept illustration for The Templin Institute's YouTube series Stellaris Invicta. "The last major action on Melaka occurred in the center of Jost around Discovery plaza. It was led by the 1077th Tank Regiment, together with surviving elements of dozens of other units from the Confederate Army, Confederate Navy, and the Antares Pioneer Corps. Driven by the mistaken belief that General Reyes was still alive and among their number, the…

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Large solar power stations for the future of human electricity needs,The stations could contain various biomes or be like a futuristic version of the city from Bioshock, the connecting spines could have various industrial elements such as Power systems, trnasportation tubes, cargo Trains, and factories

Zach Strong