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Learn crucial survival skills to ensure your preparedness for emergencies. Discover top tips and techniques to stay safe and secure in any situation.
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When it comes to stockpiling survival supplies, it’s not hard at all to blow your budget pretty quickly. But quality gear that you can count on is important. There are just certain things you don’t want to cut corners on when it comes to survival gear. But if you’re looking to gather some inexpensive supplies ... Read more

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We lost power for seven days. On the sixth day, our electricity was restored, but we were hit with another Nor'easter, leaving us without power once again. I am happy to report on the eighth day, all has returned to normal! Living by the constant roar of fire and flickering candlelight and allowing ourselves to disconnect while internet and electricity were not plentiful was romantic, but it was also a drag. Without power, all creature comforts are gone: Heat/AC, running water, flushable toi

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When I was growing up in the sixties and seventies, there were only two options I was aware of for absorbing menstrual flow--pads and tampons. Are there other options for tampons or pads? What would women do about her period in a long term disaster situation? And…What did women do in the olden day

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