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The key parts read: "The reason why there are no parents is because they died in a car accident on their way to pick Ruby up from Bunny Scouts. Max was in the car and survived, but suffered from brain injuries, hence the reason why he always messes up in the show and Ruby has to look after him." But wait! There's more!"Max is mute because their grandmother molested him at a young age and he is so traumatized that he created Super Bunny as an imaginary hero to somehow save him from his life…

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1. How I Met Your Mother: Every story Ted tells in How I Met Your Mother is just how he remembers it, not how it happened. That's why Ted's girlfriends is so hot, why Ted and Marshall can afford this great apartment (in reality it wasn't as big or as nice), and why Barney was sleeping with a new woman every night. Ted is just remembering things differently than how they happened. He's basically an unreliable narrator.

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