Tiny house on wheels

Explore creative and functional ideas for designing a cozy and compact tiny house on wheels. Find inspiration for maximizing space and creating a comfortable living environment.
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Who needs a giant mansion when you can get a tiny house for three times less the price? After all, mansions are definitely a thing of the past, and they were never really designed with comfort in mind. That is, unless you like taking 10k steps purely to commute from the kitchen to the bathroom and to the bedroom inside your own house every day. Or are dead set on playing the Marco Polo game with your significant other until the end of your lives. Pshht, who has the time for that, right?…

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Could you live in this 30' x 9.2' tiny house on wheels built by the talented team shayes_tiny_homes ? This is the "Britt" tiny house, featuring a... | bedroom, New Zealand, couch, apartment, tiny...

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This cedar mountain tiny house spanning 380 feet-squared on a 230-foot base is the epitome of convenience. You can connect it to house utilities or live entirely off the grid – the choice is yours! After being a labour of love constructed in 2016, it’s now up for sale.

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Have you ever dreamed of owning a tiny home on wheels (THOW)? With the increasing popularity of the tiny home movement, you may consider building or buying one. However, before you take the plunge, you should consider a few things. In this blog post, we'll discuss the top four things you should consider as you begin your journey toward owning a THOW. Financing One of the first things you must consider when building or buying a THOW is how you will pay for it. A few options are available to…

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