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Discover creative and playful ideas for your Waldorf preschool that will engage and inspire your little learners. Create a nurturing environment that fosters imagination and holistic development.
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With all the different educational options available to parents today, it can be difficult to pick the right one for your child. This article will provide parents with information about the main different types of

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Preview: Find inspiration and ideas in simple activities and crafts for 3 year olds. In a constant search for new developmental activities, I looked for specific crafts for preschoolers. As I found many beautiful craft ideas and beneficial activities, this time I focused on Waldorf inspired crafts. Mostly inspired by the natural materials and

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A family’s rhythm with infants or older children will look different than a family with only preschoolers in the house. So I share our current daily rhythm only as a starting point to get you thinking about what would work best in your home. I am strongly passionate about giving children structure.

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It is finally here. The day you planned for and dreamed of. That landmark day called: THE FIRST DAY OF HOMESCHOOL. Your morning basket is filled with living books, lovely art, and Shakespeare (maybe not Shakespeare yet) and you are ready to embark on a beautiful day of inspired learning. Then it hap

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The beauty of Waldorf education is that it meets the child where he is developmentally. The synergy of Waldorf teaching methods and child development is discussed wonderfully in an article by Dr Reggie Melrose called ‘Waldorf from a Neuroscientific Perspective‘. The Morning circle is a great example of how Waldorf meets the young child where […]

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In my last two posts, I shared with you my favorite elements from the Charlotte Mason approach (click here to read) and the Waldorf approach (click here to read.) Many people find that these two approaches compliment each other very well, especially when given flexibility and an open mind concerning educational philosophies. Here's how that looks for us: Generous Blending of Books and Storytelling My love affair with beautiful books blends beautifully with my passion for face-to-face…

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I have exciting news today… I’m happy to announce that I am bringing back the Discovering Waldorf Education series. So many of you have requested its return as it gave us all such a beautiful, every-day, insight into the Waldorf way. The Discovering Waldorf series is a compilation of articles about the Waldorf way of […]

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When we discovered the warm and inviting classroom of Lisa and Nathaniel Santa Cruz, we instantly fell in love. Wondergarten is a Waldorf-inspired in-home preschool that seeks to enrich the lives of children with goodness & beauty. At Bella Luna Toys, one of our missions has always been to share the beauty of Waldorf education. The rare glimpse into the classroom that Lisa & Nathaniel share each day on Instagram does just that, and in such a lovely way. Let's take a journey through their…