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Lauhala inspired weaving patterns
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Zig-Zag Weaved Place Mat

Make a zig-zag weaved place mat. It's a great variation on the classic weaved mat. Requires white & colored paper, scissors, and tape

Adele Jackson These are Maori weaving patterns called Taniko for incorporating into flax skirts called piu piu, and into the woven panels of Maori meeting houses in New Zealand.

Fig. 88. Some weaving patterns. — a-d, triangle motifs on side borders; e-k, triangle, lozenge, "hour glass," and zigzag motifs on lower borders | NZETC

Maori Feather Korowai - Black Brown White and Paua

Maori Feather Korowai - Black Brown White and Paua from ShopNZ.com

This beautiful Maori Feather Korowai features stripes of coloured feathers - mottled Brown, Reddish Brown with Jade, White, and Black. The total effect is magnificent. The Maori feather cloak is made by a lovely Maori lady of Ngati Porou descent. She was shown the method of making the korowai by a Northland kuia, and she blesses each korowai with a karakia. Please note that the correct Maori name for it is kahu huruhuru, but many people, including Maori, still call it a korowai. The…

To show respect to the Tangata Whenua I learnt from them the skill of Korowai weaving. I am very grateful to my tutors and fellow weavers at the Papakura Marae for their help and inspiration
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Kura Gallery Aotearoa Art + Design – we exhibit and sell an extensive range of original quality Maori and New Zealand made art and design that is unique to Aotearoa. Established in 1998 Kura has artspaces in both Auckland and Wellington and represents established and emerging Maori and New Zealand artists.

Baby or Child Maori Korowai Cloak

Baby or Child Maori Korowai Cloak from ShopNZ.com

This beautiful handmade Maori Feather Korowai Cloak , or kahu huruhuru, is made for a baby or child. It can also be used as a wallhanging. Dimensions of this korowai are approximately 63cm x 64cm (24 3/4" x 25"). The cloak is sewn on a sewing machine, making it affordable. Wonderful to wear at a christening, special function, or birthday, or to present as a corporate gift, or to keep as a unique and beautiful piece of Maori art. Would also be wonderful as a graduation…

goosepark: flax blog
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FLAXWEAVING This unique form of the weaving craft was invented by Maori specifically for native flax (harakeke) and is a good representative of one of the most fundamental creative acts by human beings, taking raw materials from nature and processing them into useful articles of beauty. It requires no machinery, only a blade of some type and a good pair of hands. Maori mainly used the edge of a mussel shell, I find it easier to use an old table knife with bone handle and shortened blade…

Introducing Maori Lifestyles
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Introducing Maori Lifestyles

This blog provides a visual-verbal snapshot of Maori culture and contemporary Maori lifestyles in modern New Zealand. It presents my own experiences and observations of Maori culture and is not intended in anyway to be the definitive view on all things Maori, but rather an introduction for those who want to know more about Maori culture and its place in everyday bicultural New Zealand.