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Apple has been working on not one but two new iPhones, atleast that's what the rumor mill suggests. There will be a iPhone 6 and a iPhone "Air". The iPhone Air is expected to be available with a delay of one month after launch. Apple Iphone 6, New Iphone 6, Latest Iphone, Iphone Online, Iphone 6 Screen Size, Ipod Touch, Iphone 6 Pictures, Apple Watch, Iphone 6 Models

iPhone 6 Will Reportedly Offer 2 Bigger Sizes

You can’t seem to go anywhere online without seeing something regarding the upcoming iPhone 6 – it’s all anyone seems to want to talk and/or speculate about. Since (and even before) the release of the iPhone 5/5s, rumors have abounded that Apple wasn’t too far away from finally increasing the size of their flagship phone. And even though they did increase the size with the iPhone 5, many users speculated they’d make it even bigger in the future. Well, it seems as if those persistent rumors…

Latest Tech News: Skype Launches New Design For iPhone Latest Technology, Tech News, News Design, Growing Up, Product Launch, How To Get, Iphone

Skype Launches New Design For iPhone

Microsoft have just announced earlier this week, that it was very close to releasing a new version of its video calling app Skype for iPhone; sporting a new streamlined design coupled with improved performance. As expected we didn’t have to wait too long. The new Skype 5.0 for iPhone app is currently rolling out now in the iOS App Store. Skype 5.0 update will focus on making conversations easier with refined group chat features, which can be launched from the main hub. Also they have revised…

Apple may use solar-charging touchscreens on future iPhones, iPads, or iWatches Green Technology, Science And Technology, Latest Technology, Flexible Display, Iphone 7, Iphone Gadgets, Subject And Verb, Solar Power System, Digital Trends

Apple Looking into Solar Touchscreens For iPhones

iPhones are great – except when the battery dies and all you’re left with is an expensive paperweight with an Apple logo on it. Of course it’s not all that hard at all to just hook up the charger and plug it in, but it is certainly an inconvenience sometimes – like when you’re nowhere near a power outlet and you’ve ran out of juice. But Apple may have an idea to help extend the life of your iPhone – they wouldn’t be Apple if they didn’t have some new-fangled idea, now would they? Here’s…

Smartphone with Hologram:- A new hologram technology in your smartphones is rolling out in from which you can see images floating in air. Technology Quotes, Technology Hacks, Medical Technology, Cool Technology, Computer Technology, Technology Design, Technology Apple, Technology Wallpaper, Educational Technology

5000ppi Hologram Projection Phones To Arrive Next Year

The advent of lifelike holograms is upon us. We have seen celebrities who are no longer around; appear on stage and ‘converse’ with real people thanks to new standards in holographic technology. Imagine this type of breakthrough tech being wielded in the palm of your hand? Well folks, we don’t have to wait too long as the technology, which makes an image ‘float’ as a 3D image in the air, is finally here. The company that has made this breakthrough, Ostendo, has produced a hologram with a…

Xbox Series X console will set a new bar for video game consoles. Learn More about the new Xbox Series X! Playstation, Xbox 1, Xbox One Controller, Xbox One Video Games, First Video Game, Linux, Control Xbox, Used Xbox One, Videogames

Use Your Xbox One Controller With Your PC

Here’s a bit of good news for Xbox One gamers who also like to play games on their PC’s – thanks to a recent update from Microsoft, you can now use your Xbox One controller on your PC. After you download and install the new drivers, all you really have to do is plug in the Xbox One controller via a micro USB and you’re ready to play most any game you want to play. While this is great news for dual gamers, it also has some gamers frustrated at the same time, since as of now people are…

Why mac is better than pc for graphic design?Many graphic designers demand for a Mac over a PC. The reason is visible which is being discussed here. Mac Vs Pc, Pro Mac, G Tech, Tech News, Branding Digital, First Iphone, Newest Macbook Pro, Hardware, Best Laptops


It is well known that there is a long-standing rivalry between lovers of Mac and lovers of the good old PC, rarely do the two cross over. Researchers over at Hunch put together a heap of data to try and define the Mac and PC stereotypes, concluding that Mac users tend to be younger, while PC users avoid the party scene. Now, I am well aware that this will no doubt create some controversy among many of you but let’s have some fun here. Check out the infographic and let us know – are you a Mac…

The Intel Corporation knows both the technical and commercial value of SSD’s and has a selection to choose from. One of the frontrunners. Garbage Collection, Flash Memory, Latest Technology, Tech News, Samsung, Meet, High Speed, Software, Commercial

Meet Intel’s New 730 Series SSD

The Intel Corporation knows both the technical and commercial value of SSD’s and has a selection to choose from. One of the frontrunners is the Intel 730 Series. This was introduced to market a couple of months ago in February 2014. The drive was aimed squarely at professionals and enthusiasts, as it is a high-performance consumer SSD. This SSD was in contrast to recent drives that have taken to employing SandForce controllers with Intel’s firmware. So this time, Intel went back to using its…

For Acer Iconia 8 inch Tablet Screen Protector Anti-glare Clear HD Protective Film Acer, Quad, Bluetooth, Cool Things To Buy, Things To Come, Tablet 7, Android, Best Budget, Jelly Beans

Best Budget Tablets For Under $350 (2)

When it comes to tablets, you are absolutely spoilt for choice. Even if you are on a tight budget, there are plenty of options for you but it’s important to bear in mind that for under $350 (or £200), the choice is narrowed and you are certainly not going to get anything near the quality of an iPad Air for instance. However, there are some great options so you should be able to get a tablet that suits you and your budget. What’s key is to get the best specs you can for the money, i.e…

Streaming - STEREOSCOPY - Topic: META augmented reality glasses: the age of flat devices is over Augmented Virtual Reality, Perspective, World 2020, New Media Art, Google Glass, Futuristic Technology, Future Tech, Apple Products, Tech News

High-Tech Glasses To Rival Google Glass

It feels like we’ve been talking about Google Glass for a long time, so much so that you would be forgiven for thinking there is nothing more to say on the subject. Yet there are other high-tech smart glasses out there, all of which can do things Google Glass can’t. So rather than harp on about when Glass will be available, how people feel about the security implications or what new app is now supported, let’s take a look at the alternatives and see if we can find some serious competition…

In a new interview in Hong Kong, Richard Branson said that Virgin Galactic will start performing powered tests every three weeks, with plans to extend them into space by November or December. Richard Branson, Sky News, Tech News Today, Underwater Hotel, Space Tourism, Moon Missions, Space Race, Futuristic Technology, Latest Technology

Google Wants In On Virgin Galactic

I may have mentioned once or twice that Google is never one to be lagging in state of the art tech. The search engine giant is apparently in talks with Virgin Galactic to strike up a deal, which will give to Google critical access to satellite-launch technology and also a tidy equity stake in the space tourism project. According to Sky News, the discussions with Virgin Galactic are part of Google’s project to put satellites in low-Earth orbit in an attempt to expand Internet access globally…