Classic Whoopie Pies |

Classic Whoopie Pies

Classic Whoopie Pies to make you feel like a kid again, while also meeting our required chocolate fix for this month.

Oreo Macarons

Oreo Macarons with crushed oreo centre and oreo buttercream. Perfect for the oreo and macaron lover.

Chocolate and Salted Caramel Swirled Meringues

A recipe for meringue cookies swirled with salted caramel sauce and dark chocolate. These are the perfect little treat for any Holiday or party.

Banoffee Pie Pavlova

The ultimate Banoffee Pie Pavlova (Banana and Caramel Meringue Pavlova) . Skip the pie and go with this crunchy, chewy meringue base covered in so many epic toppings.

Tiramisu Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich Bars | @hbharvest via @hbharvest

Tiramisu Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich Bars


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double chocolate brownie and walnut chunk ice cream; double chocolate ice cream is super rich thanks to corn syrup and an egg yolk enriched custard base, plus lots of fudgy brownie chunks

blackberry jam sweet buns

PANINI DOLCI ALLA CONFETTURA DI MORE || Sweet buns filled with blackberry jam

You can’t beat a summer pavlova recipe, especially a crisp-chewy meringue base, with nuggets of chocolate. The meringue provides an enticing layer beneath the cream and crimson raspberries.

Nigella Lawson’s chocolate raspberry pavlova

Nigella Lawson’s chocolate raspberry pavlova . Made it my own just by using strawberry and blueberries (Raspberries just have too many seeds for me!) absolutely yummy , easy, can be made ahead and looks impressive!


PURE Coffee Bean Eye Cream inspired by coffee bean and its caffeine rich properties

Homemade Coconut Chocolate Milk - The Kitchen McCabe

Homemade Coconut Chocolate Milk

*This Coconut Chocolate Milk is dairy free, refined sugar free, Paleo friendly, and Vegan. Lets talk about milk, shall we? I don’t drink it. Not conventional co