After introducing themselves to the webinar participants, Ross explained why they have chosen the topic “If I Was Starting Again.

Taking the Right Path to Infrastructure Asset Management Success

At this point, Ross presented the slide that has a famous quote of T. Eliot as they continue to talk about finding the right direction in undertaking asset management. Grant says: Thanks Ross.

Tips to a Smooth Infrastructure Asset Management Journey

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What You Should Know of Infrastructure Asset Management Business

Ross and Grant tackled the next slide, which features Peter Drucker’s questions. They explained how these relate to doing infrastructure asset management. Ross says: I think many of you will …

On-Site Water Systems

Few things are more important than making sure your family has regular access to safe, clean drinking water. Of course, most of us assume that the water coming out of the tap is perfectly safe to drink.

Challenging Perceptions About Urban Infrastructure

After the severe flooding that Phoenix, Arizona faced in September researchers from the Arizona State University have joined together to lead a team of 50 researchers from 15 institutions to …

Douglas County, Colorado Embraces Renewable Water, Preserves Aquifers

Douglas County, Colorado has relied on water from shallow aquifers that lie beneath the western prairies for generations. This water has been very inexpensive and now is beginning to run dry.

Infrastructure Management Discussions September 2014

We have uploaded the video recording of the audio seminar “Infrastructure Management Discussion – If I Were Starting Again” held 16 September 2014 – PM (EDT).

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