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It doesn't make any sense because in the movies Ron never really met Dobby! They completely left out the sock scenes!

You say Hogwarts, I say home . . .

Harry Potter is the best this that's happened to me. It's made me a much happier person. It games gave me a reason for life

Endings are the saddest part //

I knew this was gonna hurt but I had to read and pin it anyways.

Hogwarts Alumni: The Burrow

Ron talking about his home. I'd rather live in the Weasley house than any other place in the book, honestly, because the way that she described it made it feel so homey and warm and welcoming.

Fred & George

Fred and George Weasley.but I did cry when Fred died BECAUSE he died.

If it had been Fred and George's books. This is not ok.......this hurts

This made me so sad. The HP books as told by Fred and George. And then just George D':

This is sweet. The boys couldn't be separated. I feel so sad for George in that last image because his twin is dead

I am literally not joking, this made me cry a little bit. I hated Fred dying! And George lost his favorite person in the entire universe, he lost his other half, and I just can't, its too much.